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5th International World Cup of Soccer (Futbol) in Playa del Carmen

On June 5th and 6th Playa del Carmen and it's international communities will compete in their 5th annual Soccer Tournament. This event will take place at the famed Mamita's Beach Club (also the beach club La Tortuga Hotel and Spa uses) and is sure to be an exciting two days!

As Mexican sports commentators would say: "Fans who live and love the intensity of football," came again, as every year, the fabulous Mundialito Soccer here in Playa del Carmen.

Sun, sand, sea, great music, good vibes from the audience and especially the passion for the world's most popular sport are brought together in this event which serves to unite people of different nationalities living in Playa del Carmen in the Riviera Maya.

Italians, Brazilians, Germans, Americans, Mexicans and many more teams will play their heart and soul in every pass and every shot on goal, the ball looking to nest in the opponent's goal, while their compatriots in the stands, with supporters chanting, while the DJ resident of Mamita's Beach Club program as well as its musical repertoire.

"I went last year and saw the last few games and watched how he won Mexico. No doubt it is a sporting event that unites all people. All are supported, they form a large community of people of different nationalities, "said Viridiana Hernandez, 26, who was vacationing in Playa del Carmen last year and witnessed the event.

This year registrations are now closed, however, still looking for European girls to play the game Europe vs. America, so if you were born across the Atlantic, call Britt Tomasowa, the organizing team and member of the Magazine The 5th to ask more reports. Their number +52 984 803 5719 or send an email:

And last but not least, this year will be the first to be played on Minimundialito Beach Intercollegiate Football in schools participating in the Riviera Maya.

The activities will be on Saturday June 5th and Sunday June 6th this year at Mamitas Beach,  in Playa del Carmen, from 11am to 10pm. Do not miss it!

Riviera Maya Futbol de Playa del Carmen



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