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A Primer For Travelers to Cancun Mexico

A Primer For Travelers to Cancun Mexico

Cancun Travel

Cancun basically has two zones, the Downtown Cancun and of course the Hotel Zone. Downtown Cancun is full of budget tourists, students etc, whereas the Hotel Zone has very luxurious and huge 5 star hotels and up market resorts.

The hotel zone is a small strip of land in the form of the number 7 which is connected to the main land on both edges. The downtown Cancun is safe, and you Cancun travel is possible easily by taking the local transports.

All hotels have tourist information and there is a Tourism Office in Cancun which has helpful staff that will guide you well. This is by and large a safe city and you can explore it on your own. The distances between the Hotel Zone and Downtown Cancun are not possible to cover by walking. You will definitely need to travel the Cancun City using the bus service or the taxi service.


This is the most easy and convenient way to travel in and around Cancun. Just board a bus and buy a ticket. All tickets are at the same price, no matter where you boarded the bus and where you will get down. There are plenty of interesting places to explore in Cancun and the bus can take you there. The bus station is located in Downtown Cancun. There are buses that take you to Playa Del Carmen from where you can take the ferry to Cozumel which offers snorkeling and diving. Buses go up to Tulum where there are Mayan ruins.

To travel in Cancun by bus, you can purchase your tickets from Cancun bus terminal. The bus service is excellent with buses playing every ten or fifteen minutes.


Taxis are cheerfully painted green and white. They may not be the cheapest way to travel in Cancun, but there are many and they are convenient. You must settle the fare before boarding the taxi otherwise you may be overcharged! Moreover, drivers may or may not know English so you must be careful.


Cars are available on rent and they cost US $60-$80 a day. To rent a car you must be 21 years old and possess a valid license. That being said, it is generally advised that people should avoid renting a car. In Yucatan driving is on the right. Gas stations are difficult to come by. Since buses and taxis are easily available, one may as well avail of their services.

You can even rent scooters and mopeds in the Hotel Zone. They offer you a thrilling and unique kind of experience, but these are dangerous. It is mandatory to wear a helmet while driving scooters and mopeds.

There are many modes to Cancun Travel, but by far, the most popular way is the bus. It is convenient, economical and fast. However, the normal warning for tourists applies here too. One must remember to be careful and alert about personal safety and the safety of your belongings.

Author: Aniruddha Badola

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