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Beach Restoration in Playa del Carmen

New Sand on Playa del Carmen Beaches!

Over the past couple of years, anyone who has been to Cancun and Playa del Carmen has witnessed first-hand the effects of reef-degradation, overbuilding, as well as the multiple hurricane hits.While some of this has been just natural beach erosion, some not so savvy building and environmental practices have been a culprit as well.

The long awaited beach restoration has been pushed into high gear after lots of promises, and thanks to the local governments. They have already completed the dumping and flattening of tons of sand on Cancun’s beaches.

The trucks have also gone to work in Playa del Carmen as well, with beach widening going on for a 2.7-mile stretch. This includes the Playacar resort area as the beaches north of Playa del Carmen are not in such bad shape. Some small craft docks are going up in the center as well, giving boats a place to tie up so they don’t have to be dragged on and off the beach every time.

How are they doing this? Well it's a process called 'dredging' which is defined as an excavation activity or operation usually carried out at least partly underwater, in shallow seas or fresh water areas with the purpose of gathering up bottom sediments and disposing of them at a different location.

This technique is often used to keep waterways navigable. It is also used as a way to replenish sand on some public beaches, where too much sand has been lost because of coastal erosion.

About 60 yards of new beach here in Playa del Carmen and over in Cancun is waiting for you to re-discover!

Check out some of the pics below of the process and the outcome of the NEW BEACH in Playa del Carmen!!



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