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Cancun Weather - What To Expect Throughout The Year

Cancun Weather - What To Expect Throughout The Year
By []Brian Jenkinscs

Nothing ruins a vacation faster than poor weather. If you're interested in fun in the sun, Cancun, Mexico might be the perfect destination for you. Keep in mind, however, that the weather may not always agree, so choose your destination time wisely. Cancun has its share of storms, and both the land and water temperatures change slightly throughout the year. Make sure you take the weather and climate into consideration before setting a date for your Cancun adventure.

Cancun Temperature

Similar to the United States, Cancun is colder in the winter than it is in the summer. However, since you're so close to the equator in this city, the fluctuations aren't as noticeable. On average, the daily temperature is about 78 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the year. In July, the temperature ranges from 78 - 90 degrees. This is generally the warmest time of year. In January, the temperature averages 67 - 81 degrees, which is usually the coldest time of year. As far as temperature is concerned, Cancun is truly pleasant no matter when you visit.

It is important to note that Cancun is a seaside city. Because of the cool breeze coming in from the ocean, the city is usually about 10 degrees cooler than cities found inland. Accordingly, should you choose to vacation at an inland city close to Cancun, you could be facing 100+ degree temperatures during the summer! Since many of Mexico's most spectacular ancient Mayan ruins are located inland a bit, the time of year should be taken into consideration when planning your vacation.

Rain and Storms in Cancun

Cancun is a very sunny vacation destination, and its tropical location means that you're bound to see sun almost every day of your trip no matter when you book your Cancun vacation. However, there are certain times of the year that are naturally rainier than others. This rainier time is called the wet season.

The wet season in Cancun starts around April and lasts through October. During this time of the year, Cancun has more rain and, in some cases, high winds. Cancun is also susceptible to hurricanes, so if you are visiting during hurricane season you will likely have more rain as well. Even during the wet season, though, Cancun will rarely have more than one day without at least a little sunshine! Most rainfall occurs in short bursts of tropical downpours.

Hurricane Season

As noted above, part of the wet season in Cancun is hurricane season. Hurricanes typically occur between June and October, with most that affect Cancun occurring in September and October. In 2005, Hurricane Wilma struck Cancun directly. This storm lasted for three days and came with powerful winds of over 130 miles per hour. This was an incredibly strong and memorable hurricane. If you plan to travel during hurricane season, make sure and check the hurricane predictors before you leave.

Don't let this change your vacation plans, though, if you find that no hurricanes are predicted! Cancun is only adversely affected by a hurricane once every two to three years, and only receives a direct hit about once every 12 years. This region is prepared for dealing with hurricanes, so if one does happen to hit during your stay, you should be safe.

Water Temperature

If you plan to spend a lot of time in the ocean, you are probably also concerned about water temperature. Luckily, there's only good news to report here - average water temperature in Cancun is about 81 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the entire year! That's the same - or even a few degrees higher - than most people keep their swimming pools. The water temperature does vary slightly, but even during winter months it is still around 70-75 degrees. During the summer months, it jumps up to 85 degrees or even warmer, and can feel like you're swimming in a giant bathtub.

Obviously, this makes Cancun a wonderful place for water sports. While in Cancun, you can check out surfing, snorkeling, diving, water skiing, and a number of other water activities in addition to simply swimming in the ocean. There are even some parks that offer swimming with dolphins, which for many people is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Checking the Weather for your Cancun Vacation

In all likelihood, your Cancun vacation will be beautiful no matter when you decide to travel. Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula has warm, sunny weather the majority of the time. Rarely will you be stuck indoors due to rain or unbearably hot temperatures. Before you leave on your vacation, take a moment to check out the weather online. You can see the current Cancun temperatures, as well as rain predictions for the next few weeks simply by browsing the Internet. Take a few minutes to check the weather in Cancun and you'll able to pack accordingly and enjoy your stay.

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