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Celebrate Mexican Independence Day with El Bistro's Special Dish!

Mexican Independence Day with Tortuga Hotel in Playa del CarmenVIVA MEXICO!!!
On September 15th and 16th, Mexico commemorates an important event. This is the day when Father Hidalgo rang his church bell and called upon everyone to fight for liberty. The ensuing war against the Spanish lasted for 10 years, and eventually Mexico won it's independence. This cry is re-enacted throughout Mexico in the town plaza's every year. The entire month of September is considered a celebration of the revolt, with the festivities culminating on midnight of the 15th during El Grito, which is a re-enactment of Father Hidalgo's call.

During September, El Bistro restaurants add traditional Mexican dishes such as enchiladas Tricolor. A dish  with the color of the Mexican flag and the taste of the Mexican flavors. Be sure to try out this delicious dish to commemorate this joyous independence day holiday event!

Mexican Independence Day with El Bistro in La Tortuga Restaurants in Playa del Carmen



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