If you are looking for some exciting deep-sea fishing, Playa del Carmen, in the heart of the Mayan Riviera, is the perfect choice.
After all, this is the Caribbean and many of the world's most sought-after species of fish swim in the waters off the coast of Playa del Carmen. At La Tortuga Hotel & Spa we'll be glad to help you arrange your fishing experience before you arrive in Playa del Carmen.

Sailfish and marlins are plentiful off the coast year-round.
However, it is advisable to book a boat before you arrive, especially during peak season.

Catch your own dinner!

The waters outside Playa del Carmen are also home to some of the best-tasting fish in the oceans of the world, and whatever you catch, we will be happy to prepare it exactly as you like it for dinner at La Tortuga Hotel & Spa's restaurant El Bistró.

Whatever time of year you are here, there is some exciting and good fishing to be had!


  •       Sailfish - March-July: excellent / very July-August: good / September-February: fair
  •       Dorado - April-June: excellent / July –September: very good
  •       Blue Marlin - March-October: good / October-February: fair
  •       White Marlin - May-June: excellent / July: very good
  •       Barracuda, Wahoo and Tuna - All year round: excellent
  •       Reef fish (snapper, jack, grouper, sea bass, etc.) All year round: excellent

Trips available:

  •       Trolling for fish: catch sailfish, marlin, wahoo, tuna or barracuda. With our expert captains and mates, you are virtually guaranteed to catch fish.
  •       Drifting for fish: Catch bottom-dwelling fish and dine! Whatever you catch, the mate will fillet it for you and at La Tortuga Hotel & Spa we will be happy to prepare itexactly as you like it for dinner at our restaurant Agorà.
  •       Doing it all: we can also customize a trip to your wishes - snorkeling, visiting the beaches, and fishing. Half-day (4 hours) or full day (8 hours) trips, that all include: beverages and ice, captain and mate, filleting of fish (if applicable), lunch box (on full days), tournament tackle and bait, snorkeling gear (if applicable).

Please email us for updated rates on fishing trips.



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