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Once you experience the rush of kite surfing, you will never be the same!

It is the hottest new sport to sweep the world and it thrives on pure adrenaline! If you've never tried kiteboarding, Hotel La Tortuga can arrange some instruction time for you with the first Kiteboarding School in Mexico to follow the standards of the Professional Air Sport Association (PASA).

Equipment rentals can also be arranged.
Kiteboarding lessons:
Average time to learn all the basics to start kite surfing on your own is 4 to 6 hours.

Lesson I.

  • Introduction
  • Tasters KiteCourse
  • Essential basics
  • Wind window
  • kite surfing equipment
  • generation of constant power by sining the kite
  • visual wind monitoring
  • safety and control.

Lesson II

  • Safety and Control
  • Everything you need to know to handle large power kites safely
  • In this step, you will fly a full size kite

Lesson III

  • Water skills
  • Use a large powered kite to drag you through the water
  • Water re-launching
  • body draggingself-recoveries
  • board recoveries and water start
  • Our goals are safety and self-sufficiency


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