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'Love Kiteboarding' Celebration on Kite Beach in Tulum

The world’s first ‘Love Kiteboarding’ celebration is to be held in Mexico this Valentine’s Day, signalling the commitment of kiting enthusiasts and local authorities to bring the sport to the Mayan Riviera.

The event – to be held on Kite Beach, Tulum – is set to attract the sport’s top professional riders, as well as kitesurfers from across the world and Mexico to celebrate and raise the profile of the sport.

Tournament organiser and Founder of Morph Kiteboarding, Tulum-based David Furchtgott said: “The ‘Love Kiteboarding’ event is not only a vibrant celebration of this hugely popular sport, but a development of the relationship between kiteboarding schools and everyone else concerned, whether local authorities, spectators, or independent riders. It is a fascinating sport that, with love and cooperation from all concerned, has an exciting future in the Mayan Riviera.

"We are aware there have been problems with kitesurfing on some beaches along the coast in the past, so this tournament allows us the opportunity to make a statement about our committment to the safety of kitesurfing for all, which when regulated properly is an enhancement of our coastline and our offering to local people and tourists. We have started talking with other kite schools, civil protection, beachside palapas and tourists, and will work tirelessly to make sure kiteboarding brings vibrancy to our beaches for the foreseeable future."

“Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to make this statement about kiteboarding, and we hope this love for the sport will continue to grow as more people continue to learn and appreciate it. ”

Mr Antonio Badillo Horta, Head Director of Civil Protection said: “We are proud to be working together with kite schools and beachside operations to ensure there are agreements about rules, regulations, behaviour and visual materials on the beach. It is the perfect example of how with open channels of communication we can achieve great things, and ensure everyone is pleased with the outcome. Kite Beach is one of the most beautiful spots on the Mayan Riviera and our goal is to work together to ensure that everyone can enjoy all it has to offer, kiteboarding and beyond.”

The ‘Love Kiteboarding’ celebration will begin on the 13th February with downwind kiting trips from Playa Paraiso towards Boca Paila. Valentine’s Day will see a celebration of kiteboarding outside Playa Azul on Kite Beach Tulum, with professional riders, kite demos, safety clinics and musical entertainment.

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