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Playa Del Carmen – The Holiday Makers’ Spot

Playa del Carmen MexicoPlaya Del Carmen is popularly known as Playa; it is a Mexican village renowned for fishing activities. Because of the non lively nature of this village, it was generally seen as a sleep-inducing villa. This has become a history, as the villa is now boisterous and thereabout the fastest growing town in the world! It has become the destination for thousands of holiday makers and travelers from transitory Caribbean cruise ships. As a result of the new turn that this village has taken, it has become an expensive and always overcrowded. It is situated on the coast of the Caribbean Sea.

How to Enter Playa Del Carmen

Playa del Carmen Cancun AirportGenerally, a visitor will first fly to Cancun Airport and then within an hour’s drive from Cancun airport, Playa Del Carmen city is already in view. It is located on the coast of the Caribbean Sea, by the beach side; this is the holiday makers and tourists’ spot. A good number of the buses conveying the tourists usually pass through Benito Juarez Avenue high way; from there they make a straight drive to the bus station at 5th Avenue. The ferry docks to Cozumel is full of activities, it is quite a hot spot.

Playa del Carmen 5th Avenue - Quinta AvenidaWhere the Hotels and Stores Are Located

There’s a major street that is situated parallel to the ocean which is called Quinta Avenida; the same as 5th Avenue. It is around this location that the hotels, Inns, B&Bs, and rentals are situated. This location is called Playa Del Carmen’s Pedestrian Walkway.

Just a stone throw from the hotels are well stocked stores. It is therefore very convenient for the visitors to stroll down to the stores from their hotel rooms to buy what ever they need. The atmosphere is indeed lively and full of fun. Also bars and restaurants are located at this same spot. It’s only the clubs that are situated away from this spot so as to make the environment serene for the lodging visitors.

The Beach

Playa del carmen BeachIt’s amazing how all the streets were planned in such a way that they all lead to beach. Also several shops and stores are situated along these streets so that a tourist or holiday maker can be shopping while on the way to the beach. There are other beaches in Playa Del Carmen, they are all beautifully kept and none is restricted for use; the sand in the beaches is sparkling white. Fishing boats and dive boats have been stationed to help tourists catch fun and excitement.

Playa del Carmen Restaurants and FoodRestaurants and Dishes

The restaurants located along 5th Avenue offer varieties of dishes. There are both Mexican and Italian restaurants that offer various delicacies to the visitors.

Since Playa Del Carmen is not a large city, the shops, cafes, bars restaurants, bars, financial institutions, pharmacies and other frequently visited places has been located within the tourists spot for their maximum convenience. In case you are searching for a holiday city this summer, then Playa Del Carmen is the perfect place to be.



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