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Pro Kite Tour Kiteboarding Event in Playa del Carmen

Pro Kite Tour 2011 in Playa del Carmen Riviera Maya

And it's that time again! The Pro-Kite Tour is back again for their 2011 competition. Kitesurfing and lovers of the like are invited to attend this exciting event! A little info for you below!

Following its success in 2008 Mexico is back on the 2011 PKRA Racing Calendar!

The 2011 PKRA World Tour Season is set to be held Tues,March 22nd through Sat, March 26th, 2011.

The best seeded racers in the world will have a chance to compete in Riviera Maya Mexico’s warm turquoise waters.

This is an epic kiteboarding destination famous for its consistent winter winds, sunny days, endless parties and 100% Mexican hospitality.

Playa del Carmen is a fun and exciting venue with thousands of spectators who travel from all around the world to catch a glimpse of all the world-class professional kiteboarding athletes in action. The town of Playa del Carmen is known as the heart of the world famous “Riviera Maya” with its many kilometers of powdery white sandy beaches, and crystal clear Caribbean water.

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Pro Kite Tour KiteBoarding Playa del Carmen Riviera maya<

As an added attraction we will hold a Freestyle Pro Competition with a $10,000 USD Prize Purse, which will be distributed among the first 6 places.

The Freestyle Pro will be run in a Round Robin format with 12 participating male riders: 

2 Top ranked PKRA riders will be invited

3 wildcards will be awarded to outstanding Mexican riders

7 spots left will be granted to the top 7 riders from the trials.

Distribution of $10,000 USD will take place as indicated below.

Mexico Freestyle Pro Men

Place      Money

1            $3,500.00

2            $2,200.00

3            $1,600.00

4            $1,200.00

5            $900.00

6            $600.00

Total       $10,000.00 USD

Pro Kite Tour Kiteboarding Playa del Carmen Riviera MayaThe Freestyle Pro will be judged taking into consideration both old school and new school tricks, rewarding the rider that can perform both tricks in the most outstanding style and fashion. Basic new school and old school tricks will be expected but not requited. The Freestyle Pro will be run in a Round Robin elimination format described below with 12 participating male riders:

The round robin freestyle elimination format means the 12 riders will be divided into two groups of 6 riders. The 6 riders in each group will compete in men to men heats 5 times. Each heat will be against a different rider of the group. Two judges will be scoring the heats, each giving a winner or a looser. Therefore each rider will get 2 points for winning each heat (both judges giving it to the winner), 1 point for tying (each judge giving the heat to different riders), and 0 points for loosing.

To register for the Racing Kiteboard World Cup & Freestyle Pro go to PKRA's website:



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