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Riviera Maya Jazz Festival in Tulum

Introducing another exciting excerpt brought to you by the folks from the Riviera Maya Jazz Festival! Join us this weekend in Tulum for 3 exciting and extremely talented artisits!


Araya Orta in the Riviera Maya Jazz Festival in TulumAraya-Orta Latin Jazz Quartet

This quartet is a new group formed by two pairs of brothers who depict through their music, all the force of a full genetics of musical talent and charisma.

They met in Costa Rica, during the FIA in 1991, in a memorable presentation with Paquito D'Rivera and Giovanni Hidalgo as special guests.

They are currently based in Miami, one of the meccas of  Latin Jazz in the world, where today some of the most renowned musicians in the music scene reside in this beautiful and fascinating city.


Eddie Palmeri in the Riviera Maya Jazz Festival in Tulum

Eddie Palmeri

Born in Spanish Harlem, NY in 1936, Eddie Palmieri  is known for his charismatic power, and bold innovative drive. His musical career consists of 50 years as a bandleader of Salsa and Latin jazz orchestras.

With a discography that includes 36 titles, Mr. Palmieri has received a number of prestigious awards, including nine Grammy Awards. A tireless artist with flair he embraces the future of his music without regard, creating a distinctive musical career to the delight of his followers across the globe. He has one of the most active tours of Salsa and Latin Jazz to date.

Mr.Palmieri has shown that time is infinite with respect to his repertoire as he continues thrilling audiences worldwide with his legendary style.


India in th Riviera Maya Jazz Festival in TulumIndia

Born in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico, India grew up in the Bronx, in New York, where she left her shyness aside and for seven years cultivated her interest in the arts.

Wonderful things can happen when an artist comes from the heart, body and soul and can put this into their work. In doing so, an artist can go from being admired for their talent and respected as someone who lives by what they say.

That is precisely what happens to India in each of her presentations and musical productions. She gives every thing to her audience. In addition to her powerful magnetism and vocal mastery of the notes, India is a multifaceted artist with unquestionable deep latin roots that make her a true diva!



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