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Kitesurfing with The Beach Tulum

In partnership with Marco and his Kiteboarding School Extreme Control, The Beach Tulum, can offer you the chance to experience the thrilling and exhilarating sport of not only Kiteboarding, but many other exciting  watersports as well!

The school is located right at our sister hotel CabaƱas Tulum. Is is here that the sport is mainly taught because of it's prime location, best because the beach and sea are the flattest in all of Tulum making this the perfect location for learning how to Kiteboard and Kitesurf.

We also offer other exciting water activities such as Stand Up Paddle Boards (SUPS), Diving, Longboards, Kayak and Wave Kayak rentals.

Extreme Kiteboarding School use only the newest and highest quality Kiteboarding and watersport equipment. Marco and his team want to ensure your watersport adventure is one of the best. All Kitesurfing Courses are powered by IKO the International Kiteboarding Association, and Diving Lessons by PADI.

Book your lesson with Marco, our Kiteboarding specialist now.

INTRO 1.5 HOURS  $ 60 USD  $84 USD p/hr  
  • learn the basics of flying a trainer kite in the "wind window" and the "power zone"
  • includes full equipment and instruction with trainer kites
  • credit for Intro to the Full Kiteboarding Program
  • complex explanation of the principles of the "wind window" 
  • learn to pilot a trainer kite in the "power zone" on land
  • intro to the 4 line inflatable kite
  • learn how to set equipment, the bar and it's safety mechanisms
  • how to launch and land the kite
  • techniques in piloting the kite
  • suggestion: full intro with the group rate and continue with private lessons
FULL INTRO PROGRAM 6 HOURS (IKO 1-2) $324 USD p/p $432 USD 3hr GROUP + 3hr PRIVATE $396 USD
  • use theory and skills learned to advance control of 4 line kite
  • learn to pilot the kite while on land and in the water
  • in water: learn to use the kite to propel yourself into the "body drag"
  • piloting skills needed to start getting on the board
  • Includes: IKO Book, IKO Certification and XTC t-shirt
COMPLETE  KITEBOARDING  PROGRAM 9 HOURS (IKO 1-2-3) $468 USD p/p  $648 USD 3hr GROUP + 6hr PRIVATE $612 USD        The Complete Kiteboarding Program is the way to become an independent kiteboarder with the full knowledge to be able to keep practicing by yourself. You can start with the Full Intro and add the last 3 hours to become independent where you will master your kite control and attempt to stand on the board.
  •  Includes: IKO Book, IKO Certification and XTC t-shirt.
EXTRA HOURS $40 USD p/p  $55 USD p/hr  
  • available after completing the Kiteboarding Program
 REFRESHER COURSE 2 HOURS  $120 USD p/p  $168 USD    We will help you feel comfortable again with:
  • kite control
  • assembling
  • body drag or water start
  •  learn how to be 100% independent
  • learn how to launch and land your kite by yourself
  • refresh self rescue skills
 SPECIALTIES KITEBOARDING 1 HOUR  $60 USD p/p  $72 USD   Designed for kiteboarders who want to:
  • make a fast progression into getting on the board
  • learn advanced skills such as: going up wind, transitions, jumps, turns and advanced kite control


Kitesurfing at Cabanas Tulum

Extreme Control only rents 4 line kite equipment to experienced riders who are completely independent and who can re-launch and perform self rescues. We reserve the right to assess the rider and rent equipment based on his/her skills.

*We do not rent kites to people practicing bodydragging or water starts.

     1   45 USD  30 USD  20 USD  15 USD  25 USD
     2   60 USD  50 USD  25 USD  20 USD  45 USD
     3   80 USD  70 USD  30 USD  25 USD  
     4 100 USD  95 USD  35 USD  30 USD  

Other Information from Marco:

Kitesurfing Equipment Extreme Control Cabanas Tulum

It takes around 6 hours to learn basic kite control and 9-12 hours to start going on the board. By this time you will be ready to practice on your own and start riding. You will start with a 3 hour intro (see above) and after 6-9 hours of instruction, the best thing is to keep practicing with your own kite.

Now that you know you want to keep going with the sport, it's time to buy your own equipment. We have a great offer with BEST Kiteboarding Gear: Buy one KITE with us and we will give you a 2-HOUR FREE ADVANCED LESSON!

Please Note:

  • if you want to book ahead we suggest booking the first 3 hours
  • we will refund your deposit if there is no wind
  • group lessons never exceed 2 students per kite in order to offer you the best service
  • after the first 3 hours you will be ready to book your private lessons with packages of 6, 9 and 12 hours (see chart and prices above)