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The Economic Upturn of the Riviera Maya

So here we are in June already! Though it is low season here in Playa del Carmen, we are happy about the season past, it was full and rich and we are so glad the Riviera Maya is turning around! It's been a tough year but we made it!

In 2009, Mexico had to deal with the deadly trio of a suffering U.S. economy, the H1N1 panic and a score of gang-related incidents along the U.S.-bordering Mexico townships.

"Many hotels had to deal with a lot of losses last year."  Benjamin Fernandez says, a sales and marketing representative for our hotel, La Tortuga Hotel and Spa in Playa del Carmen. "But slowly the hospitality industry has eventually come back."

And this year?

This year hasn't started out as well either, but after weathering the storm, the contending industry of hotels and resorts in the Caribbean are prepared to go into full swing once more.

Most Mayan Riviera properties are viewing some impressive occupancies, mainly in the destination weddings segment. In fact,  weddings are being booked on a daily basis for hotels and resorts for 2011. You can now book your wedding with Tortuga Hotel, or our sister hotel in Tulum, Cabanas Tulum, or even do a combination of both.

Spokespeople from nearly 10 resorts in on the western coast of Mexico all told Travel Representatives on Thursday during an event in New York City that numbers have been ranking from 70-100 percent since January.

So how did Mexico rebound back so abundantly faster this year than it did in 2009?

Well it's not news that panic was rampantly reported about the violence happening in th border cities of Mexico. All through this the Riviera Maya, in particular, Playa del Carmen and Tulum, was not affected in any way and is considered one of the safest places to vacation in Mexico. We are just too far from any of the violent border cities for it to affect us. Finally, after reporting so much negative press, news broadcasts from last year got tourists to actually look at a map and view where the tourist areas were compared to the areas of violence.

This is thought to be the reason for the drop in bookings from earlier in the year. People didn't know how far away all of the drug happenings were, in relation to the tourism areas. This year, people have become more conscious that the tourism areas are not involved by the violence.

Mexico business organizations know how to overcome a extreme position, which is why Mexico tourism will always flourish no matter how harmful the press is.

Mexico has always been united. Though there are many contenders, they always join together through everything. It has been seen with the H1N1 fright, with the gang violence, and with the economy. Mexico establishments and people alike always work together and that's why the business enterprises and people always survive.

Did you know that NOT ONE case of H1N1 was reported in all of the Riviera Maya? This was a devastating blow for us when the news reported H1N1 at every turn, scaring and injecting far into prospective vacation goers. There were way more cases in the US and Canada.

Despite it all, we are happy to still be standing, and we are proud to say that La Tortuga Hotel here in Playa del Carmen managed t get through the crisis without having to let anyone go, we just made cutbacks in other places. We care about our staff and their families, this is why we have been voted for Best Service by Trip Advisor, our staff is like family, we treat them as such and value them, and in return they give the best service!

So don't wait to start thinking bout future vacations, and we hope you will consider staying with us here at La Tortuga Hotel and Spa. We are happy to serve you!



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